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Above Ground Pool Installation


We are the only state licensed above ground pool contractor in Lee County, FL! We can take care of all of the permitting, plumbing, electrical and set-up of your above ground pool! Basic installation includes the following:


1. Clear sod. *Does not include removal from job site

2. Level ground within 3" of grade

3. Patio blocks set in poured concrete under each vertical support

4. Treated with vegetation killer to help prevent weed growth, also nutgrass killer if needed

5. 2' sand base & 6" - 8" sand cove around inside perimeter of pool. All sand is packed & finished with a hand trowel

6. Assemble pool wall & structure

7. Install liner using vacuum system

8. Assemble & install pump equipment 9. Explain basic filter operation & answer any questions 6 month installation guarantee on labor


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