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Automation Systems

 Hayward OnCommand

Hayward OnCommand System

The OnCommand re-defines Automation for aftermarket pools and spas. OnCommand is a new way to bring simple and cost-effective automation to pools and spas. Control pump, filter, heater, cleaner, lighting and more. Automate schedules to turn lights on at night or to manage energy-saving two-speed or variable speed pumps that can save pool owners up to 75% on energy costs. OnCommand can be set to run automatically or be controlled from an optional wireless, floating remote providing the ultimate in convenience and poolside enjoyment.

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Hayward E-Command

Hayward E-Command 4 System

Control Pool or Spa Functions and Costs. The E-Command 4 is the easy and cost-effective way to automate essential pool or spa functions. Control Filter, Pump,  and lighting. Automate schedules to turn lights on at night or manage an energy saving 2-speed or variable speed pump for better efficiency. Functions can be set up to run automatically or can be controlled from an optional wireless remote. The base system has a built-in electrical subpanel and supports 4 high-voltage relays, 3 valve actuators, 1 heater and solar. What ever the function, pool owners can maintain basic control of their pool or spa with E-Command 4.

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Hayward Aqua Plus

Hayward Aqua Plus System

Aqua Plus simplifies and enhances pool and spa ownership by combining control and electronic chlorination into one easy-to-install, easy-to-operate package. With Aqua Plus, programming essential functions for maximum performance, effectiveness and cost efficiency is a snap. It lets pool owners set filtration and temperature schedules: steady all week, increasing during busy weekends, or cutting back on weekdays when activity is limited. They can even control other backyard features, including patio and landscape lighting, water features and firepits. And with a variety of remote controllers, they can program and manage it all from practically anywhere; indoors, poolside, or even in the pool. Now with Aqua Plus, pool owners can automate water chemistry with our integrated Total Pool Chemistry option. Total Pool Chemistry automatically senses chlorine and Ph levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of fresh, pure chlorine and controls ph delivering the most consistent water quality possible.

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 AquaPod Remote

 AquaPod Wireless Remote


6 Button remote

Hayward 6 button Remote


  Valve Actuator

   Hayward Valve Actuator


Wireless Reciever

Hayward Wireless Base reciever