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Salt Systems


To achieve all of you pool's purification needs, the natural chlorine generator system uses a very low concentration of ordinary table salt, less than the concentration found in the human tear.


Aqua Rite


Aqua Rite provides complete pool and spa sanitization using ordinary salt. It converts a small amount of salt – approximately one teaspoon per gallon of pool water – into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine. This environmentally friendly and self-renewing process produces up to 1.45 pounds of chlorine a day, enough to keep the water in a 40,000-gallon pool clean, clear and luxuriously soft.



Hayward Goldline Aquarite XL

Please call for pricing on Goldline Aqualogic Automation systems!

Take the work out of owning a pool or spa! Make water sanitation and the control of key functions and accessories foolproof! Why automate? Because less work equals more play! And that's what the ideal pool or spa experience delivers - excitement, relaxation, pleasure.







AutoPilot Systems

  • Autopilot SC-36
  • Autopilot SC-48

Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again. Never deal with irritating dry skin or red eye syndrome. Never buy, transport or store liquid chlorine or tablets again!Salt is a natural element found in the earth, in our body and in our homes. It is used to season and preserve our food, rinse out contact lenses and soften our drinking water. Salt is a very economical commodity. When the ions in salt are passed over specially coated blades and induced with a low voltage electrical charge it is converted into chlorine. It is the same process that is used to convert seawater into laundry bleach. When this process is incorporated into your swimming pool you have your very own "chlorine generator".


Pool Pilot Digital Nano


It's simple to install and easy to use. Pool Pilot Digital Nano features include microprocessor controls with a digital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, diagnostics and more. It also tells you how much salt to add should it run low. The Digital Nano will maintain pools up to 22,000 gallons with the in-line RC-22 cell.

Plus Many, Many More!

  • Maintains pools up to 22,000 gallons/ 82m3
  • Produces 0.8 lbs. of chlorine per day
  • 24 & 72 hour boost cycles
  • Operates at all salt levels 2,000-35,000 ppm (2 to 35 g/L)
  • Operates in water up to 104F/40C
  • Push button controls
  • Works with in-line RC-22 cell or patented manifold with RC-22 cell


  • No more red eyes
  • No more itchy skin
  • No more green hair
  • No more vacation worries
  • No more faded swimwear
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Automatic cell cleaning